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About TPC Public Adjusters - The Insurance Contractor You Can Rely On After Home Or Business Damage

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TPC Public Adjusters is the local, reliable insurance contractor you can count on to assist you with your residential or commercial property damage claim in Vernon Hills and the surrounding Chicagoland communities. Our insurance contractors are committed to helping homeowners and business owners navigate the insurance claims process to ensure that your payout is a fair and accurate reflection of the damage you've sustained and the coverage to which you're entitled.

At TPC Public Adjusters, we're not just here to assist property owners in their time of need - our goal is to give back to the Vernon Hills community. That's why we donate a portion of every job to a charity or local organization of the insured's choosing. We know that we can make a difference on our own, but as a part of the Vernon Hills community, we can do more when we all work together. To find out more about insurance restoration in Vernon Hills, or to request an insurance contractor for your home, business, or commercial property in the Chicagoland area, give us a call today at 847-877-6275.

The Importance Of Giving Back

At TPC Public Adjusters, our goal is to help the community with every job we complete. 5% of the replacement cost value of any insurance-related job will be donated to a charity or local organization - you choose the charity, we write the check. We're committed to assisting local property owners in their time of need following a loss, and we want to give back to our community as well.

Maybe you're thinking, "Why donate to charity?" At TPC Public Adjusters, we believe that the services we provide make a difference - and we know that when we work together with our neighbors, we can do more for our community. By donating a percentage of our profits, we're supporting the charities and organizations that have the structure in place to directly help those who need it on a large scale.

The insurance restoration specialists at TPC Public Adjusters live where you do. You see us at the grocery store, on the ball field, or at community events. We want to be the insurance contractor you count on to deliver quality service while giving back to our Vernon Hills community.

What Can A Public Adjuster Do For You?

When you file a claim for damage to your home, business, or commercial property, your insurer will send their insurance adjuster to survey any damage and estimate a claim reimbursement. A public adjuster doesn't work for the insurance company - they work on your behalf to settle the claim and interact with your insurance company. They help you negotiate a higher payout or dispute a claim denial.

Public adjusters assist you with your claims process and bring their education, expertise, and understanding of policy language to help you get a fair payout based on the damages and the amount of insurance coverage you have. There are several instances when hiring a public adjuster should be considered:

  • Filing a high-value claim for significant or complex damage
  • Lack of confidence in the assessment performed by your insurance company's adjuster
  • Concern that your insurer's adjuster underestimated the claim or is offering an unfair payout
  • You need assistance with the claims process

For residential and commercial insurance claims, a public adjuster may be able to point out claims money that you're entitled to or find language in your insurance contract that can result in thousands of dollars in added payout for your claim. If you've been looking for an insurance contractor to assist with storm, fire, or water damage to your home or business, call the pros at TPC Public Adjusters today.

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