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Pros Offering Expertise In Flood Damage Insurance

Flood Damage

If you aren't familiar with the fine print, filing an insurance claim for flood damage can leave you with huge out-of-pocket expenses for your Vernon Hills property. The insurance restoration pros at TPC Public Adjusters speak the language of insurance policies and can help you maximize your flood damage insurance claim.

At TPC Public Adjusters, we work for you - not the insurance company - and we'll work for you every step of the way on your flood damage insurance claim. From assessing and documenting damages to filing your claim to finding qualified contractors to make needed repairs, TPC Public Adjusters has you covered.

Our goal at TPC Public Adjusters is to help our friends and neighbors in the Vernon Hills area, which is why we donate a percentage of the replacement cost value of any insurance-related job to local organizations and charities - you choose the charity, we write the check. To request insurance restoration for Vernon Hills homes, businesses, or commercial properties, give us a call today at 847-877-6275.

Insurance Claims For Floodwater Damage

Many Vernon Hills property owners assume that floodwater damage is a covered peril in their insurance policies, but that is not always the case. Most residential and commercial insurance policies only cover water damage if it is sudden and internal - burst pipes, overflowing toilets, or water damage from an extinguished fire, for example. If your Vernon Hills area property is located in a zone that's prone to flooding, you'll most likely need to purchase separate flood insurance to ensure compensation in the event of flood damage.

Filing a flood damage insurance claim can be complex, but having a knowledgeable public adjuster on your side can make all the difference in maximizing your claim and minimizing your out-of-pocket expenses. The pros at TPC Public Adjusters can assist you with

  • Emergency services for floodwater damage
  • Inspections, damage reports, and estimates
  • Consulting, filing, negotiating, and settling claims
  • Assisting with underpaid, delayed, or denied claims
  • Contracting with the appropriate trades to make needed repairs

If you've suffered flood damage to your Vernon Hills home or business, a public adjuster can make all the difference in ensuring that you receive a fair and accurate payout to cover your losses. To find out more about our services, click on the link provided to contact us today.

Do You Need A Public Adjuster For Your Flood Damage Claim?

When you file an insurance claim for flood damage to your Vernon Hills home, business, or commercial property, your insurance company will send out an adjuster to survey the damage and estimate reimbursement for your claim. The insurance company's adjuster works for them, but a public adjuster works for you and can work on your behalf to interact with the insurance company and settle the claim. There are several instances when you should consider hiring a public adjuster:

  • Filing a high-value claim for significant or complex flood damage
  • A second opinion or lack of confidence in your insurance company's adjuster
  • Concern over low estimates or unfair payouts
  • Needing guidance or feeling overwhelmed with the flood damage claims process

Call TPC Public Adjusters today for public adjusting and insurance restoration services in the Vernon Hills area.

Frequently Asked Flood Damage Questions

TPC Public Adjusters is proud to work with Vernon Hills area businesses, property managers, and real estate professionals to guide you through the flood damage insurance claim process. From damage assessments and emergency services to help filing claims and interacting with the insurance company to finding qualified contractors to make needed repairs, the pros at TPC Public Adjusters have you covered.

When it comes to insurance policies, it's important to read - and understand- the fine print. Water damage and flood damage are not the same in the insurance world, and not having the right coverage for your property can leave you with huge out-of-pocket expenses. Talk to your insurance agent about a flood damage policy for your Vernon Hills home or business.

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