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Assisting Properties With Getting Water Damage Fixed

Water Damage

Water damage insurance claims can be complex, but having a knowledgeable insurance restoration professional on your side can improve your chances for a fair and accurate settlement for your Vernon Hills property. The pros at TPC Public Adjusters can assist you with your water damage insurance claim every step of the way.

Suffering water damage to your home, business, or commercial property can lead to filing a claim for compensation from your insurance company. Your insurer will send their adjuster to inspect your property and estimate the damages, but the adjuster works for the insurance company. A public adjuster, on the other hand, works for you.

Let our insurance restoration professionals take the guesswork out of your water damage insurance claim. Call TPC Public Adjusters today at 847-877-6275 to request a water damage inspection, assistance filing your claim, or help finding a reliable contractor to make needed repairs.

Insurance Claims For Flooding & Rain

Did you know that there is a difference between insurance that covers water damage due to a plumbing leak and flood insurance? Standard home and business insurance policies cover water damage that is sudden and internal but does not cover water damage due to flooding, ground seepage, or certain types of sewage backups.

A few examples of types of water damage that are generally covered include:

  • Rain or snow storms
  • Burst or frozen pipes, faulty plumbing, or accidental plumbing overflow
  • Water damage due to extinguishing a fire
  • Interior damage from a leaking roof
  • Accidental overflow of a washing machine, toilet, or bathtub
  • Acts of vandalism
  • Mold as a result of covered water damage

Insurance policies are filled with fine print, but a knowledgeable Vernon Hills insurance restoration specialist can guide you through the water damage claims process every step of the way. Click on the link provided to contact the pros at TPC Public Adjusters today.

Navigating Water Damage Claims With A Public Adjuster

When disaster strikes, having a professional on your side who can guide you through the claims process can make all the difference in your recovery - whether you've suffered storm damage, water damage, or fire damage. What can a public adjuster do for you?

  • Protect your interests and go head-to-head with your insurance company
  • Maximize your settlement and minimize out-of-pocket expenses
  • Cut through the emotion, stress, and worry associated with water damage claims
  • Understand policy language and Illinois insurance law for a fair and accurate claim
  • No upfront costs - payment for public adjusting services is made from the claim

At TPC Public Adjusters, not only do we work hard for our clients, but we also work hard for our Chicagoland community. A percentage of the total insurance claim on every job is donated to the charitable organization or local non-profit of your choice - you choose the charity, we write the check! To request assistance with your water damage claim, give us a call at 847-877-6275.

Frequently Asked Water Damage Questions

There's a reason that insurance policies have so much fine print. Your standard homeowner's policy or commercial insurance policy only covers certain perils, and the coverage for water damage isn't always clear to those who don't speak policy language. Water damage from a burst pipe under the sink may be covered while flooding from a nearby river may not. It's important to talk with your insurance representative to ask about specific coverage you need for your Vernon Hills property.

The insurance restoration pros at TPC Public Adjusters can help you with your water damage emergency - from inspecting and documenting damage to filing your insurance claim to finding reputable contractors to help restore your Vernon Hills home or business. To request a consultation, give the pros at TPC Public Adjusters a call today or click on the link provided.

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