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Why Your Insurance Claims May Be Delayed, Denied, Or Underpaid

Why Your Insurance Claims May Be Delayed, Denied, Or Underpaid

If you've suffered damage to your Vernon Hills area home or business due to a storm, fire, or other disaster, you'll probably need to file insurance claims for compensation. The insurance company will then send out their adjuster to survey the damage and estimate the cost of needed repairs.

Unfortunately, it's the adjuster's job to protect the interests of the insurance company. Many insurance companies will try to minimize the amount they're willing to pay or even deny your claim completely. They may argue that the damage is not covered by the policy or offer you a figure that leaves you with large out-of-pocket expenses.

Seeking the advice of a knowledgeable public adjuster can make all the difference when it comes to resolving delayed, denied, or underpaid insurance claims for your Vernon Hills property. Here are a few issues that a Vernon Hills insurance restoration professional can handle for you:

Policy Language

Insurance policies are often complex and filled with fine print that can be difficult to interpret. This ambiguity is done for a reason - so that the adjusters the insurance company sends out can be more flexible in their interpretation, which allows insurers to underpay or deny claims.


The insurance company's adjuster is responsible for assessing the damage to your Vernon Hills property and estimating the claim's value. Underestimating the cost of siding repairs, roofing replacement, or restoring flood-damaged property can result in a lower payout on your insurance claims.

Lack Of Documentation

Having inadequate documentation for your claim can put property owners in a bad position, and lack of evidence can give the insurance company a reason to undervalue or deny your claim. It's important to provide photos, repair estimates, and expert assessments to back up insurance claims.

Coverage Disputes

Insurance policies have exclusions and limitations on what the scope of coverage is for homes, businesses, and commercial properties. Often, this can result in a dispute between the property owner and their insurance company over whether a specific type of damage is covered and ultimately, denial of insurance claims.

When Should You Hire A Public Adjuster?

A public adjuster can assist you with the claims process, bringing their knowledge of Illinois insurance law, policy language, and general contracting to get you a fair and accurate payout on your insurance claims. A few reasons to hire a public adjuster include:

  • Filing residential or commercial insurance claims for significant or complex damage
  • Lack of confidence in the assessment performed by your insurance company's adjuster
  • Concern that the insurance company's adjuster underestimated the claim or is offering an unfair payout
  • You need any kind of assistance with the claims process

For residential and commercial insurance claims, a public adjuster can help find language in your policy or additional claims money that can result in thousands of dollars in additional payout for your claim.

A Trusted Insurance Restoration Professional Serving Vernon Hills

At TPC Public Adjusters, our public adjuster works for you - not the insurance company. We're committed to serving our friends and neighbors in Vernon Hills and the neighboring communities with quality insurance restoration services to meet your needs.

  • Property damage inspections
  • Homeowner insurance claims
  • Commercial insurance claims
  • Filing and negotiating insurance claims
  • Resolving issues with underpaid, delayed, or denied claims
  • Emergency services for wind, fire, or water damage
  • General contracting for roofing, siding, and gutters
  • New construction and remodeling

We're fully licensed, insured, and bonded and we donate a percentage of every insurance claim to the local charity or organization of your choice. To request insurance restoration services or assistance with insurance claims in Vernon Hills and the surrounding Chigacoland areas, call the pros at TPC Public Adjusters today at 847-877-6275.

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